Architectural Visualization - 3D Artist

About ME

Hi! I'm Michael. I'm a 3D artist focusing on Architectural Visualization. I am addicted to learning opportunities, whether it's trying out new software, keeping abreast of the trend in design, or having an intense brainstorming session. Being extremely motivated, organized and disciplined yet maintaining a high level of creativity, I tackle creative and technical challenges with zest.

I continue to stretch myself and have invested considerable time developing emerging interactive technologies such as virtual reality and their application to Architectural Visualization.


Here is some recent work


Front - Exterior

Downtown Condo

Living Room / Kitchen - Interior




Day Exterior

Howl's Moving Castle

VR development

Absorb Academy

Front-end Design / Development

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Architectural Visualization

I pride myself in creating superior, cutting edge work that articulates a distinct voice for every project.

Front-end Development

Along with my 3D software abilities, I am versed in HTML, CSS, and javascript. I have a passion for simple and clean design.

Creative Brainstorming

I thrive working in a group atmosphere or individually to work out problems or create the best solution for a clients request.

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2944 Unwin Road NW